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Learn to Skate

The Addison Skate School, out of Addison Ice, offers skating lessons for kids that want to learn the necessary fundamentals to play ice hockey. Hockey rental skates will be supplied if needed.

For registration information, Click Here.

Tot Hockey I

For beginner skaters age 3-6, learn the proper way to fall and get up, march in place, begin to move around the ice, begin forward gliding, and learn backward wiggles. Once a skater graduates from Tot Hockey I, they’ll progress through the Tot Hockey II-IV or graduate to Minor Hawks Pre-Hockey. Learn in a fun environment through a variety of games.

Youth Hockey I 

For the beginner skater age 7-13, learn the skating fundamentals necessary to play ice hockey. Learn proper balance and skating skills including forward stride, backward skating, and basic stopping. Once graduating from Youth Hockey I Learn-to-Skate, they’ll move on to an appropriate team level based on age and skill readiness.